Thursday, 29 September 2011

Well Looky Here: Week 1

Where do I begin? I guess you should know that I am a college student at St. Lawrence College, in Kingston, Ontario. But I guess that isn’t really me. I am a creative person with a particular interest in music and drawing. I also have worked in retail quite a bit, which is why I think I have what it takes to make it in the Marketing world- I know what it takes to bring the people in (as much as it seems like I don’t based on the mediocrity of this first entry).
I have also done some professional writing, but I have never written a blog before. The things that I could write about are endless! Oh wait, no they aren’t, we have to write about the course, about advertising, the media and all the things that make the world work.
Now that I think about it actually, there are still a lot of really important things I could write about. In fact, I think I might.