Friday, 25 November 2011


                Twitter is where everyone can read, write, and share what’s on their minds with people all over the world. With over 230,000,000,000 new tweets posted every day and over 100,000,000 active users, ( the shear amount of information available to marketers to use is staggering. Incorporating Twitter, and other social media sites, has become an integral part of planning advertising campaigns.

In order to secure the loyalty of their customer base, companies use Twitter to enhance the relationship between the consumer and company. Which is good, especially when they screw up big time. They use Twitter to tell people about their deals or sales that they may be having, community events, sponsorships, and to clean up any of the messes that they might have cause in the past little while, and anything else that could concern their customers.
In the case of television, stations will use Twitter as a means of advertising new shows or getting opinions from their viewers about what they thought about the new shows. Companies using Twitter as a means of connecting with their consumers is very important because it allows for a company to shape their image in the eyes of the consumers. Since it is the company who is controlling what is posted on their Twitter account, they can censor what people see when they look at their news feed.

The ability to have instant contact with all of the people who care about what you have to offer is important because this gives you a direct link to be able to advertise directly to your customer base. It allows a company to inform the people who care the most about all their deals, promotions, events or whatever else the company is involved in.
The reach of anything that you put up on Titter is amazing and by using it you are ensuring that the people who care about what you are advertising are seeing them. Although, even though these companies go through a lot of grief to keep a squeaky clean image, there is still quite a bit of crap that gets through.

See ya next week.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Twitocalypse!

Social Media has become one of the driving forces of my life. I can hardly pull myself away from it at times. it kind of terrifies me sometimes, but through this I see its potential as a direct source of exposure to advertisements for people exactly like me; addicts.

I find it interesting to be surrounded by people who are constantly encouraging the use of social media as opposed to most people outside of my program who tend to condemn its use. The expanse of things that are being shared every second are ridiculous. I get a stupid notification every 22 seconds about a new post on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or any other of my networking vices.

If there are other people on Facebook and Twitter as much, or even more than I do, then there is a very large number of people who can potentially be reached using this ever expanding and ever changing advertising medium; and even though some people, don’t believe that the internet or social media is an advertising medium need to wake and realize that it is not only an advertising medium, but the future of how advertising is approached.

                            Check out these stats on social media usage for a bigger image!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Don't Worry... I Know People

Yesterday, we had one of the most constructive and interesting classes that I have experienced so far. Our teacher brought in a bunch of the people from last year’s graduating class and got them to share their success stories and to give us tips and advice on making it on our own career paths.
Our teacher had the alumni seated beside each other, facing us in a line, in a panel style meeting. This wasn’t the part that I what enthusiastic about. Frank asked them the usual questions: hat mistakes they made, how they got where they are today, and what kind of work and volunteer experience they have. It kind of felt like they were repeating themselves a lot, but they still made some interesting points.

 At the halfway point of the class, we switched up the meeting style. Instead of the alumni being up front, they were now leading six intimate group sessions with the people in our class. My group was being led by a woman named Mellissa Kutz(  She has a very impressive resume and she was very informative with her advice. She really wanted to know what I was that each person in the group was aspiring towards. One of the main things that she said would help further your career is to expand my network and gain contacts.
Hopefully I can achieve this through my blog, and other social networking that I do, as well as advertising for different volunteer work that I hope to begin doing more of soon.

Friday, 4 November 2011

A Look Into the Future

This week has been very interesting. In my Integrated Marketing Communications class, my teacher, Kathy Patterson (

 brought in a couple of older Advertising students to talk about the advertising conference in New York City. They went in order to meet with executives in the business and to discuss the potential application of social media on advertising.

One of the main things that the recommended everyone in our class should do in order to go to this conference (which I intend to) is to go and get our Klout score higher. To which most of the class said "what the hell is Klout?"

 Well after the class, and after a very vague description of what Klout is, I decided to go and find out for myself. Basically it is a scale of how much influence a person’s actions have over the actions of other people on social networking websites. According to Klout ( it measures your reach (how many people you influence), Amplification (how much you influence them) and Network Impact (the influence of your network.

 As common sense would dictate, the Klout scale is measured from one to one hundred. When I went I signed in using my Facebook account and my Klout score popped up. Ten. That’s it? Yep.

 Even though that was a little depressing, I now understand its potential. I signed up for almost every social networking site out there (jamesbur12 is my username for all, add me) so that I could really grasp how many different ways that I can reach people. This is sobering in a way that I now know how hard I need to work in order to get a higher Klout score, get my name out there and who knows, maybe I’ll get to go to New York.

See you next week.