Friday, 18 November 2011

The Twitocalypse!

Social Media has become one of the driving forces of my life. I can hardly pull myself away from it at times. it kind of terrifies me sometimes, but through this I see its potential as a direct source of exposure to advertisements for people exactly like me; addicts.

I find it interesting to be surrounded by people who are constantly encouraging the use of social media as opposed to most people outside of my program who tend to condemn its use. The expanse of things that are being shared every second are ridiculous. I get a stupid notification every 22 seconds about a new post on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or any other of my networking vices.

If there are other people on Facebook and Twitter as much, or even more than I do, then there is a very large number of people who can potentially be reached using this ever expanding and ever changing advertising medium; and even though some people, don’t believe that the internet or social media is an advertising medium need to wake and realize that it is not only an advertising medium, but the future of how advertising is approached.

                            Check out these stats on social media usage for a bigger image!

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