Friday, 25 November 2011


                Twitter is where everyone can read, write, and share what’s on their minds with people all over the world. With over 230,000,000,000 new tweets posted every day and over 100,000,000 active users, ( the shear amount of information available to marketers to use is staggering. Incorporating Twitter, and other social media sites, has become an integral part of planning advertising campaigns.

In order to secure the loyalty of their customer base, companies use Twitter to enhance the relationship between the consumer and company. Which is good, especially when they screw up big time. They use Twitter to tell people about their deals or sales that they may be having, community events, sponsorships, and to clean up any of the messes that they might have cause in the past little while, and anything else that could concern their customers.
In the case of television, stations will use Twitter as a means of advertising new shows or getting opinions from their viewers about what they thought about the new shows. Companies using Twitter as a means of connecting with their consumers is very important because it allows for a company to shape their image in the eyes of the consumers. Since it is the company who is controlling what is posted on their Twitter account, they can censor what people see when they look at their news feed.

The ability to have instant contact with all of the people who care about what you have to offer is important because this gives you a direct link to be able to advertise directly to your customer base. It allows a company to inform the people who care the most about all their deals, promotions, events or whatever else the company is involved in.
The reach of anything that you put up on Titter is amazing and by using it you are ensuring that the people who care about what you are advertising are seeing them. Although, even though these companies go through a lot of grief to keep a squeaky clean image, there is still quite a bit of crap that gets through.

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