Friday, 4 November 2011

A Look Into the Future

This week has been very interesting. In my Integrated Marketing Communications class, my teacher, Kathy Patterson (

 brought in a couple of older Advertising students to talk about the advertising conference in New York City. They went in order to meet with executives in the business and to discuss the potential application of social media on advertising.

One of the main things that the recommended everyone in our class should do in order to go to this conference (which I intend to) is to go and get our Klout score higher. To which most of the class said "what the hell is Klout?"

 Well after the class, and after a very vague description of what Klout is, I decided to go and find out for myself. Basically it is a scale of how much influence a person’s actions have over the actions of other people on social networking websites. According to Klout ( it measures your reach (how many people you influence), Amplification (how much you influence them) and Network Impact (the influence of your network.

 As common sense would dictate, the Klout scale is measured from one to one hundred. When I went I signed in using my Facebook account and my Klout score popped up. Ten. That’s it? Yep.

 Even though that was a little depressing, I now understand its potential. I signed up for almost every social networking site out there (jamesbur12 is my username for all, add me) so that I could really grasp how many different ways that I can reach people. This is sobering in a way that I now know how hard I need to work in order to get a higher Klout score, get my name out there and who knows, maybe I’ll get to go to New York.

See you next week.

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