Friday, 28 October 2011

Smart People

Everything seems to be falling into place in my life. My grades are above average, despite advertising being a difficult course. Oddly enough, even though I’ve only been away from home for a couple months, I can already tell how being in this program is changing my life.
                                                  (none of you are as dumb as this girl)

Anytime I talk to someone in my class, we always get on the topic of our course, and advertising in general. That’s not the part that changed, however; it was the way that we talked about our classes. In high school, all you heard was “oh my God! This class is so stupid, why do we even have to take this”, but in college when we talk we actually reflect on the things that we lean in class.

We exchange ideas and we tell each other about ads we like. For the first time in my life I can have (or at least think I’m having) intelligent conversations with people. We are all striving to reach a goal and we all need each other to get there. To be honest, I’m just happy that it’s the smart people I get to talk to.

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