Friday, 21 October 2011

What About Us College Kids?!

As most of you know from reading my previous blogs, I am an advertising student. My brain is slowly being trained to pick apart media and to decipher meaning out of every advertisement I see. Being in residence, and also broke, I don’t get to watch television nearly as often as I normally would if I was at home.

Not being able to watch TV has definitely shown me how much more of an effect that it has as an advertising medium. I have spent far less money on anything that I would have bought after seeing it on TV than I have… probably my whole life. It might have something to do with me having no cash, but that’s not the point

Even now, as I sit in the TV lounge for probably the third time since I moved to residence, watching Country Music Television, to try and find inspiration on advertising that appears, and all it seems that country music has time for showing is sad songs, sung by pretty girls with sad boys sitting in the corner drinking out of a bottle of Jack Daniels.

When the commercials actually do come on, however, they show commercials about this wholesome lifestyle, filled with teaching children to do hard work by buying them Tonka construction toys, and cleaning detergent that takes out the dirtiest stains for people who do all this hard work.

I just want you to see how versatile television may really be. Though I think that there is a market that is not being advertised to though that people should really start planning for which is the college kid demographic. We don’t have the money for any damn TV, so why isn’t there more poster advertising or online advertising geared towards people in my age group? Just something to think about.

See ya next week.

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